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Our Well Being it Matters

The I & the We is it threatened ?

We all know that our well being is fundamentally important to us, and given the current situation, our recognition of who and what we are is now being recognised more that ever.

The I & the We are a crucial part of our understanding of ourselves, and the collective; also from an internal & external perspective, we understand that looking after ourselves, and nurturing our well being is fundamental to our health and connection to ourselves and others.

Looking outside into Nature, can show us that there is a whole regenerative system, that engages on many levels, trees, forests, oceans, they are all connected, what can we learn from Nature that will allow us to thrive ? What can we bring in from Nature that allows us to dissolve the separation from the internal and external?

Nature does not have an agenda, no meetings it just gets on with it and connects in many different ways, what is the lessons we can learn from it, are we in flow ?

Who, what, where and why shall we take ourselves to today, that is the question

A song from the river